Executing the malware

The bad guys never sleep. A recent trend has been fake invoice emails that contain malware, the attachments often disguised as PDF files while in fact they are executables. Other schemes involve zipping the bad files, a technique that often by-passes spam filters.

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No more NINJA spam

The availability of a string of new top-level domain names have brought with a few headaches. Spammers have been exploiting the registration systems for .NINJA, .CLICK and a number of other new domain extensions. It would appear that the penalty (financially or otherwise) for registering one of these domains and then using it for a spam […]

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WWW-28 Server Down – 13 April

WWW-28 Server Down - 13 April

Our server health monitoring system rebooted the server to address a problem with the Apache web service. The reboot was not successful resulting in an outage of nearly two hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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